10   Pool mit EInstiegsgeländer 

Get in and out of the pool easily and safely by using the handrail. The first 1.5 m2 are about 0.5 m deep, with the adjoining swimming area running from 1.4 to 1 m deep. Three 100W lamps (12 V low voltage protection) provide a beautiful illumination at night.

You can control the hyrdro-flow system of the endless pool using the remote-- a 1000 m swim has never been easier! ;-)


10 Pool mit EInstieg bei NAcht





Our caretaker keeps the pool in pristine condition.

The pool is also heatable-- please contact us!




05 Pool mit Blick nach Nord West





Take a quick and comfortable shower before and after swimming in our outdoor shower with hot and cold water! A shower gel dispenser with pH-neutral Aloe Vera shower gel is at your disposal. The water is then channeled to our plants. So if you use the outdoor shower a lot, the plants will be grateful – especially the palm tree.

05 Pool mit Blick nach Nord West bei Nacht


surface 38 m2

9 m x 4 m; 0,5 m-1,7 m

illuminated inside with 3 x 100 W, 12V safety extra-low voltage

3,5 kW counter current plant

outside shower with hot and cold water


looked after by our house ceeper



+49 177 504 1289