Top floor: Living room

11 Wohnzimmer bit Blick zur Küche



The wide comfortable sofas stand right next to an ensemble of divans - the perfect environment for conversation or cozying up with a good book. The coffee tables are sufficiently large.





07 Wohnzimmer mit Beleuchtung nachts



The lamps in the corners and above the larger coffee table can be switched on and off separately.

The flat-screen TV is mounted at eye level on the south wall between the windows.

The large linen closet and brick cabinet fit discreetly into the living room.



06 Wohnzimmer mit Blick aus der Küche




There is a lamp attached to the ceiling above every bedroom door. All lamps can be controlled simultaneously from every door in the living room.

The accentuated sloping roof beams give the living room a beautiful ceiling structure.

Coat hooks can be found behind the living room door and right from the open shelf made of solid wood. On this shelf you can find few guide books and geographic maps of the surrounding region as well as illustrated books of various topics.

Living room

large couch ensemble with diwan

SAT-TV flatscreen

cosy indirect illumination

locker masoned for e.g. suitcases

massive wooden cupboard with geofraphic maps, illustrated books


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