Ground floor living room, hallway anf guest toiliet

08 Wohnzimmer


The living room is divided between two areas with a corner fireplace, a bookshelf as well as a sofa and coffee table-- the perfect environment for conversation or cozying up with a good book.

For a relaxing coffee/tea break or a game of cards, comfortable wicker chairs adorned with beautiful patters surrounding a round table lie on the other side of the living room.



The floor-lamps in the corners of the room give off a beautiful ambiance and prove a cozy atmosphere at night.

12 Wohnzimmer mit Blick nach Süden am Abend


On the book shelf you can find few guide books and geographic maps of the surrounding region as well as illustrated books of the Moors in Granada as well as other various topics.

The switch for the exterior lights of the south terrace as well as the controls for the fountain pump can be found next to the exterior double door.



A cloakroom with jacket hooks and extra hangers for keys can be found behind the arc in the hallway. A motion-activated nightlight (left socket) lights up the way for you at night. The hallway leads to the two bedrooms and the guest toilet.

16 Gäste WC



Additionally, the guest toilet has a magnificent view of the south - just in case things get boring. :-)

living room hallwag, guest WC


stereo system, CD

cozy couch ensemble

high-back chairs, e.g. for a game of cards

el. piano

large bookshelf


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