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Finca Marico is one of the three oldest villas in the Fogarate area. Casa Antigua is more than 100 years old. With its 60 cm thick walls, Casa Antigua recalls the old traditional construction methods of the region. Today, it stands completely renovated, but maintains the core feeling of the original, creating not only a cozy atmosphere, but also ensuring you a good night’s sleep.

When we acquired the property over 30 years ago, there was only the house, some fig trees and vines - no water source and no electricity. We had to fetch water from a - now buried - well 300 meters away down the road. We had only gas for cooking, cooling, and illumination. Candles were our flashlights at night-- which are quite impractical in windy weather.

The house could only be reached via a long, winding mule trail. Casa Antigua is perfectly located exactly where it remains coolest during the summer and warmest in winter whilst still remaining sheltered from the wind. The builders of the finca, through decades of experience, knew exactly where to build a house.

21 Marico von Bäumen umsäumt02 150 m Privatweg

The unique charm of Finca Marico has been faithfully preserved and reinforced through its secluded and sheltered location in the countryside; surrounded by the lush green of the trees, plants and beautifully blossoming flowers scattered throughout the garden. Magnifying this wonderful atmosphere is the newly renovated, comfortable and fully equipped houses enclosed by interconnecting terraces.


01 Eingang zu Marico, Casa Antigua19 vor Casa Antigua, Blick nach Süden ins weite Tal

The ocean view from the blooming oasis situated between vineyards, olives and almond slopes. The view overlooking the gentle foothills of Andalusia in the south and onto the 2065 m high Maroma in the north establishes a feeling of secureness and satisfaction. Here, „TV” consists of looking out in the distance and taking in the view. Substitute television for reality as you visit the unique cultural locations-- created through the mutual understanding of varied mentalities, growing tolerance and recognition through the pursuit of wealth, and the promotion of human achievements in science and humanities (e.g. algebra, alchemy, and numerals). This is only fortified by a centuries-long peaceful coexistence of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian communities.


13 Oleander am Eingang18 Terrasse vor Casa Antigua

Tangible silence: Instead of the usual tourist hustle and bustle, enjoy the cheerful chime of distant goat bells and the rhythmic chirping of crickets serenading the twinkling stars of the Costa del Sol during a fresh night's breeze. Take a moment and relax on one of the terraces and take in the scenery. Enjoy the beauty of the landscape and the calm Mediterranean through a pair of binoculars or just relax and enjoy a long-desired book.

For the more active-feeling days, maybe try a bit of contemplative gardening: grab the hose and water the pots and plants around the house. Alternatively, you can chat with friends with our in-house Wi-Fi (ADSL) or go for a swim in your own private, well-maintained pool.


IMG 4147IMG 4137

Many exciting trails await you in the Sierra de Tejeda nature park-- just 400 m away. Many of these trails lead to the nearby by White Moorish Villages, offering budding explorers endless opportunities. You can take a comfortable stroll on the outlined paths or put on sturdier footwear and venture out on the hiking trails of the surrounding Icona forest.


01 150 m Privatweg, beleuchet

Watered behind sheltering eucalyptus and cypress trees are citrus, pomegranate, fig trees as well as the delicious muscatel grapes, providing you with plenty of fresh fruit. In the summer, leafy Pergolas provide you with a cooling shade. In the winter, they warmth of the sun can still penetrate unhindered. Glorious seasonal flowers in beds and pots:

Spread out over 3 ½ hectares of land, Finca Marico offers you a modern, recreational and eventful holiday for both relaxed and more demanding guests.

The illuminated 150 m long concrete private lane leads down to the parking lot. Here you will find the house „Casa Antigua” (with 2 beds, living room, and bathroom), the utility house (kitchen, dining room, sitting area, outdoor shower, pantry, and a toilet accessible from the outside), as well as the Casa Jardin (2 beds and bathtub). These are all connected via the terraces; between them two gardens and the roof terrace. The pool lies rather secluded on the upper level separated by a set of stairs above the ground level. The stairs can be found at the end of the garden next to Casa Jardin. The pool as well as all paths is well-lit. Casa Azul (2 beds) and Casa Chica (1 bed) with roof terrace are located on the right-hand end of the private lane, approximately 8 m above and 20 m away from the main buildings.

There are seven beds available for normal-sized groups. You can also enjoy your holiday at Marico with only two people, while also occupying fewer houses.


07 Wohnzimmer Casa Antigua07 Blick von SitzgruppeHeating in the room, mosquito gauze, air conditioning in Casa Antigua and Casa Jardin.

With its wide variety of terraces, Finca Marico gives you the option of closeness on the central patio or remoteness through its immense length, allowing you to fine-tailor your experience however you desire. Depending on the position of the sun, you can choose between different areas of relaxation: the roof terrace of the Casa Azul or the Casa Jardin, the pool terrace, on a bench in the shady garden, in the dining area in front of the utility house, in the cushioned "nest" in front of Casa Antigua, on the patio (chilly in the evening) - wherever you prefer.

To the east you can see a little almond grove next to Finca Marico. The houses in the north are surrounded by cypress, eucalyptus and pine trees. To the south, you can look down into the wide valley and out onto the Mediterranean. On clear days you can even see out to the distant Er-Rif-Mountains of Morocco, about 130 km away-- a truly breathtaking experience.

The plants in the yard are automatically watered through a drip irrigation system. Our caretaker regularly waters the potted plants and keeps your private pool in perfect condition.

 05 Parkplatz02 Pool, 4m x 10m

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tranquility and recovery at 750 m NN, 20.000 m2 property

view into the lage valley, to the Mediterranien Sea, to Africa

relax and enjoy sparkling moments of indulgence for all the senses

hiking in the nature park Sierra de Tejeda (400 m foar away) Maroma 2065 m NN


trips to places of cultural interest

care taker to water the plants, to clean, word and deeds

heating, air conditioning

linon, towles in var. dimensions. wasching machine, dishwasher including detergent for free

mobile barbecue

ping-pong with rackets and balls

outside shower with hot and cold water

private pool

2 - 7 persons, you are the only guests

WiFi free of costs




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