Your finca Fuente de Hierro is completely furnished. We spent the last 10 years realizing your ideas down to the most minute detail. The high-quality furnishing keeps with our motto “If you’re missing something, please let us know so that we can provide you with it.”

04   Parkplatz nachts

As you exit our private parking lot, you may access our pool area and the upper floor via the steps of the Camino Romantico. From there, a spiral staircase will lead you to the roof terrace, the ground floor, as well as the Indoor/Outdoor terrace (16 m) located on the same floor.

07   Camino Romantico

The interior is decorated in a naturally-colored Rustico-sytle and provides the finca with a special, cozy charm.

All of our Castellano-style cabinets and doors are hand-made. Since most people tend to spend one third of their time in bed, we felt it especially important that you get the best night’s sleep possible. That’s why all of our beds come with new, high-quality mattresses. The four large bedrooms all have eastern-facing windows, allowing you to enjoy the rising sun from the comfort of your bed. Late-risers can, of course, draw the curtains to sleep undisturbed. For some, the “tangible silence” of the Finca may seem uncanny at first - after a few days you’ll learn to enjoy it.

05 Tresen  mit Blick in die Küche

Soft, high-quality bedlinen that is smooth and comforting to the touch is requisite for a good night’s sleep. That’s why all our beds are prepared with colorful Makko satin bedlinen. We also provide you with fresh bath towels of various sizes (up to 1m x 2m). For a day out in the sun, beach towels are also available, as well as terrycloth covers for the deckchairs. These are all washing-machine friendly and can be dried out on the stainless steel racks located in the storage room behind the house. Detergent is free of charge; we provide both a neutral and “lightly fresh” varieties.

Accommodation for children up to two years of age is free. For our youngest guests, we have provided you with 2 cots, 2 high chairs, children’s utensils and cups. For playtime there are a number of fun toys (large puzzles, coloring books, a mini “bowling alley”, a tunnel tent, sandbox with shovels, buckets and molds). Additionally, a baby swing and bottle warmer is also available – more upon request. Please inform us about any particular requirements before your visit, and we will be more than happy to provide you with them in order to help you reduce your luggage.

Each room is conditioned with four silent air conditioners that ensure you have a comfortable and undisturbed sleep even during the hottest of summer nights. During the day, you can leave them running
and open up the interior doors, letting cool air flow freely throughout the rooms and assuring a pleasantly cooled house all day long. It isn’t even necessary to use the coldest setting-- 22-23 degrees on the lowest fan-speed is
more than sufficient for a comfortable room temperature-- and for avoiding a cold.

11 Wohnzimmer bit Blick zur Küche

During the off-season and throughout the winter, an automatic, thermal floor heater with additional wall-mounted heater provides you with comfortable room temperatures throughout the house. In the bathrooms; the temperatures are set slightly higher; in the bedrooms, slightly lower. Even in Andalusia, the nights can get cold from time to time-- something that is easy to forget during the warm, sunny days. We ensure that no matter the conditions outside, you always remain comfortable.


All rooms are equipped with smoke detectors, the kitchens with heat detectors, and the bedrooms with additional carbon monoxide detectors. There are indoor CO2 fire extinguishers on every floor and powder fire extinguishers are located outside.



Each floor is completely furnished and autonomous

5 bedrooms, 4 baths, 1 extra WC

2 living rooms, 2 kitchens, 2 dining rooms

mosquito protection in windows and doors

automatic underfloor heating, air condition

2 washing machines, 2 dishwashers with detergent

bed linon (makko-satin), towels in different sizes, beach towels

2 beds and 2 chairs for babys, cutlery, baby bottle heater toys

ping-pong table with with rackets and balls

parasols, blind, sun loungers, chairs and tables on each terrace

mobile and masoned barbeque with a fridge and a sink

smoke detectors in each room, heat detectors in the kitchens, cabon monoxide detectors in the bed rooms, CO2 fire extinguisher inside, powder outside



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