Ground floor kitchen, dining room

The Castellano-style kitchen, made of beautiful pine wood, was designed and installed by a local carpenter from Vélez-Málaga. The counter-top is made out of solid wood; 5 cm thick, 2 m long and 50 cm wide.

05 Tresen mit Blick in die Kücke am Abend

The door in the kitchen between the stove and refrigerator is the only interior door that is lockable, and should remain locked as it leads to the utilities closet (electricity, water, heating). In case of an emergency, it can be accessed with the key located next to the door in a fire-brigade safe box (simply break the glass and remove the key). Additional towels, bed and table covers, cleaning rags and supplies, dustpan and broom are also stored in this room.

An additional pantry (containing extension cables, drying racks, large garbage bags, ironing board and iron) is located behind the kitchen. The entrance to the pantry can be found outside the house via the black iron door.

07 Kücke am Abend

Bowls, Tupperware, diverse cooking appliances such as a waffle iron, sandwich toaster, blender and egg cooker can all be found in the cabinets underneath the counter.

Other appliances such as an orange juicer, espresso and coffee machine can all be found on the counter next to the dishwasher. Knives, forks, tea- and tablespoons, dessert forks, larger kitchen knives, salad utensils, serving spoons, can and bottle openers, barbecue tongs and forks are all stored in the upper drawers of the counter. Kitchen and hand towels, tablecloths and napkins can be found in the lower drawers. Glasses for both white and red wine, water, juice, beer, champagne, liquor, brandy, whiskey and cognac glasses can be found in the upper kitchen cabinet.

06 Küche

Detergent, small garbage bags, brushes and a trash are all stored underneath the sink, and pots and pans are in the lower cabinets directly to the right. A kettle, microwave, gas lighter and kitchen towel holder are all located on the counter-top. For coffee and tea time - pots, sieves and a 24-piece coffee / tea set with included dessert plates can be found in the upper kitchen cabinets next to the glasses.

The 4-burner gas stove comes equipped with an overhead fan and built-in light. Spices, pepper, salt, flour and sugar can be found in the overhead cabinets above the stove as well on a shelf next to the cabinets. The thermoses for tea and coffee have been labeled and are next to the electric oven. Various trays and baking pans have been stowed inside the oven.

A refrigerator with integrated freezer (lower section) is located at the other end of the kitchen. You may store your groceries in the upper cabinets to the left of the fridge. The cabinets to the right hold various plates, dessert bowls, and glasses.On the counter you will find the breadbox, toaster and fryer. The Miele washing machine is equipped with a honeycomb drum that utilizes longer washing cycles in order to save energy. Detergent is stored in the lower cabinet left of the washing machine.

02 Esszimmer mit Flachbildschirm Fernseher

Inside the dining room, there is a 50 cm wide bar with 4 bar stools facing the kitchen. The large dining table is located directly across the room, with a south-facing outlook. The table is extendable and can seat up to 10 people. Coasters, candles and ashtrays can all be found on the shelf underneath the flat-screen TV.

We kindly ask you not to smoke inside the house and thank you in advance for your understanding.

The floor-lamp in the left-hand corner as well as the small lamp on the windowsill provide additional lighting if need be. There is also a LAN port, which can be found below the windowsill. This can be turned on and off from the counter.

03 Esszimmer Blick zum Tresen


All the light switches have been labeled, with unlabeled switches planned for future expansion.

The light switching for the kitchen and dining room can be found on the left hand side of the entrance-way to the kitchen.


Kitchen & dining room

washing machine with detergent free of cost

dish washer with detergent free of cost

4 flame cooker, exhaust hood

electrical oven, microwave

fridge with freezer

coffee machine, boiler

egg cooker, deep fryer

waffle iron, toaster

mixer, hand-held blender

sharp knifes, dish liquid

iron, ironing board

and a lot more ...


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