Finca Fuente de Hierro

During your stay at Finca Fuente de Hierro, you have at your disposal around 150 square meters of living space on the ground floor (comfortably housing 5-7 people) and 135 square meters upstairs (also around 5-8 people). The ground and first floor are both completely furnished and both have separate entrances. You are the only guests.


Finca Marico

Marico combines Mediterranean outdoor living with bourgeois comfort. The buidings are situated on the southern slopes, connected by a series of terraces, gardens and pergolas, creating an intimate and cool but also separate environment. Indispensable is the clean, illuminated 40 square meter pool. You are the only guests.



+49 177 504 1289


The fincas Fuente de Hierro and Marico are self-sufficient, situated about 150m apart from each other and both have their own private pool.