Casa Jardin

01  vor Wirtschaftshaus


As you walk through the greened archway at the end of the 16-meter long terrace of Casa Antigua, past the Utility House and make a left; you will find behind a high cluster of oleanders a large, bright garden room - Casa Jardin.







05 Casa Jardin



Casa Jardin is furnished with 2 beds, each with a separate bedside table and dimmable reading lamp. It also has a wardrobe, a desk with accompanying chair, as well as a Castellano-style chest with 4 compartments and drawers (containing some board games). Towards the far end of the garden room, you will find a mezzanine which has been secured in place to a wrought iron railing. This can be used to store your suitcases.





08 Blick vom Bad aus



The outdoor light (LED) is operated from inside the house by using the second switch next to the door. It is best to turn on the light before dark in order to help you move around at night. A bookcase on the left wall contains a selection of German, Spanish, and English books.





 10 Bad Casa Jardin


The bathroom of Casa Jardin features a bathtub, a separate shower with a soap dispenser filled with a pH-neutral Aloe Vera shower gel, a sink, a toilet and lockers for storage.

Since the surrounding bushes and trees provide an adequate amount of shade, Casa Jardin remains quite cool during the summer. Through the window you can look directly out into the garden and the nearby lemon tree.




17 Dachterrasse Casa Jardin




View of the roof terrace of Casa Jardin eastwards overlooking the garden, in the background the pool, protected among cypress trees.

Casa Jardin

2 beds

bath with a bathtub

electrical heating, low noise air conditioning

games, books

view into the garden


+49 177 504 1289